Lord Belial - Enter The Moonlight Gate Digi-CD


Overall this is a beast of an offering from LB. It’s a shame overall that this one was so overlooked. I guess at the time of the album’s release black metal was seemingly taking a more experimental route. Bands like Borknagar, Emperor, and Satyricon starting to make drastic changes in sound, and it seemed like LB was hanging on too closely the old ways for anyone to take notice. That probably was the cause of them switching to a more death metal oriented style later on (which was still good, but not classic like this).Even so, this album is one of those rare moments in music in which the overall strength of the album lies in craftsmanlike song construction, as opposed to strength being the band’s ability to experiment. This album tantalizes you with beautiful melody, ensnares you with its venom tipped hooks, and then drags you down with the weight of its melancholy. This is a masterpiece that truly needs to be heard by anyone who considers themselves a fan of the extreme metal genre.