Lord Belial - Angelgrinder Digi-CD


Changing times seems to call for changing sounds, or so it would seem if the tendency of Scandinavia's black metal scene following the close of the 90s has anything to say on the matter. Naturally these changes did not come abruptly with the ushering in of the year 2000, as indications of a heavier, higher fidelity sound with downplayed degrees of mysticism and coldness were already being observed by Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir and Emperor just prior to Y2K. Lord Belial seemed to be smitten with the Behemoth approach of leaning a bit closer to a death metal sound while still keeping the blackened aesthetic in view, though they also took a cue from Emperor in the image department and decided to ditch the theatrical imagery in favor of a down-to-earth metal head image, though their fourth and final offering with No Fashion Records Angelgrinder is lyrically and aesthetically still bound to the cliche imagery of the earlier 90s.