Living Death - Worlds Neuroses Digibook-CD


Worlds Neuroses is a bit more experimental, almost comical in a way, than Living Death's other albums. Those are a bit more aggressive, more angry in tone. This particular album doesn't seem to take itself very seriously, at least in part. Just take a look at the song titles. Last Birthday and Bastard (At The Busstop) are prime examples. The music is prime German thrash metal, but the lyrics song titles are kind of goofy.

With that being said, this is in NO way a bad album. In all actuality, this is a very good album. Musically, you get quality thrash metal! Plenty of great riffs, pounding drums that have enough double-bass kick to satisfy most anyone and a bass guitar that, while slightly in the background, pulses along nicely The vocals are done well, and fit the music perfectly. Toto mixes it up with aggressive shouts, decent singing, howling shrieks and there are gang vocals mixed in on a lot of the tracks, as you'll find on most any thrash release around this time.