LIMBONIC ART - In Abhorrence Dementia Gatefold 2-LP (Orange/Purple Splatter Vinyl)
LIMBONIC ART - In Abhorrence Dementia Gatefold 2-LP (Orange/Purple Splatter Vinyl)
Limbonic Art

LIMBONIC ART - In Abhorrence Dementia Gatefold 2-LP (Orange/Purple Splatter Vinyl)

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2023 reissue in glossy gatefold sleeve.
4-pages insert.
Limited to 250 copies on solid orange with grimace purple splatters.

Having heard most of Limbonic Art's discography, I can safely say that while the rest of their work, while quite good, is not essential. In Abhorrence Dementia is. Considering when this was made, this is some really forward-thinking stuff. In addition to heavy symphonic use, which is Limbonic Art's trademark, these maestros experimented with more electronic-based sounds, and it is done quite masterfully here. This is truly an album that breaks the mold of 90's black metal quite well.

First off, the drums are obviously programmed. On their debut, The Moon in the Scorpio, the drums were for the most part imitating real drums. On IAD, Limbonic Art start taking advantage of the programmed drums, incorporating industrial and electro rock beats in the mix, in addition to the usual blastbeats and double bass. Samples and programmed synths are used much more on IAD than their debut, and it is used to great effect here. This creates a much different atmosphere than most black metal, one that I rarely ever hear in black metal.

Indeed, the atmosphere on IAD is one that is definitely more "modern" than black metal's traditional reverence to the past. Indeed, one song I found where this was most present was Where Mind and Flesh Depart, but this is present on the whole album. The symphonics give it an 19th century European feel, but the electronics bring it clearly into this century. I wish Limbonic Art had pursued this path a bit more on subsequent albums, but this review isn't about those albums. Simply put, this is a gem. It is not perfect, and some songs are weaker than others, but it is still head and shoulders above the competition. I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of symphonic black metal.

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