Leviathan - Unfailing Fall Into Naught 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Yes, most of these songs have been released prior in the form of splits and you can feel where the... SPLIT is in this album. The first 5 tracks are from the split with Sapthuran from 2006 and the last two are from the split with Xasthur from 2004. The first 5 are more riffy and the latter is more atmospheric favoring longer-held chords. I prefer the prior half of the album because of the variation in writing. Most of those songs have a clear changing point in pretty much everything resulting in a metamorphosis to an essentially different song. Listen to the first track and notice the pause for some ambient noise then an essentially different introduces itself. This is where he lets himself experiment a little bit and try things that your normal black metal elitist would immediately stop listening to if the song had started that way. The instrumental song "Mesmerism" is an immediate example of this.