Leviathan - The Tenth Sub Level Of Suicide Digi-CD


Leviathan’s ”The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide” guides you into the finality of Eternal Darkness!

Welcome to your death. It’s dark all around you. Suddenly, you see a light. You slowly move toward the light feeling warmer and happier as you move closer to it. But just as you get within grasping range, you are quickly picked up and taken backwards, away from the light, by an ominous force. Besides your own wailing, all you hear is a demonic voice uttering one line: “There is no light for you... At the end of the tunnel...”

Leviathan’s first official full-length release has nearly everything you need to experience from black metal’s darkest tones. It’s sole member Wrest has expertly pieced together furious riffs, tortured voices, and even added some well placed dark ambient passages for good measure.

“The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide” is one of the best US black metal albums ever released. “The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide is one man’s cry for the world to wake up. The choice to hate or love, to ignore or shout down, to strike quickly or slither timidly into the shadows. More than anything, “The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide” is about truly understanding yourself and the things that bring you contentment. In the case of one Jef Whitehead, such satisfaction comes from knowing that at any time, he could walk, head held high, into the finality of eternal blackness, blood dripping from his wrists with every step.

Appropriate listening if you slit you wrists to: Darkthrone’s classic albums, Shining, Taake, classic Burzum, Wolves In The Throne Room