LEGION OF THE DAMNED - Ravenous Plague (Black Vinyl)
Legion Of The Damned

LEGION OF THE DAMNED - Ravenous Plague (Black Vinyl)

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"Don't fix if it ain't broke." These words are both describing this album and LOTD philosophy. "Ravenous Plague", as a successor to a very good "Descent Into Chaos" album, is the continuation of the successful formula with which LOTD had launched themselves on top of the death/thrash metal genre. For fans, this are potentially good news but for those who are looking for something new and innovative - not really.

"Ravenous Plague" begins with a somewhat superfluous intro and it appears that the intro itself is connected with the album cover. After one and a half minute of waiting , LOTD strikes! The explosive entrance with the song "Howling for Armageddon" is commendable and gives the listener an idea of what he can expect from this album. When the first notes strike you can feel the aggressiveness and speed and this concept remains to the album's end. There are no slower songs or some kind of an innovation - this is a standard LOTD and changes are actually - undesirable. Why to change a successful formula?

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