Kriegsmaschine ‎- Enemy Of Man Digi-CD


The end of times. Kriegsmachine is calling it. Singing about it. Playing to it. In the utmost cold and lifeless manner, Enemy of Man is on full assault mode, relentlessly bringing the end of times throughout.

One cannot mention the immense Polish black metal scene without Kriegsmachine, sharing the drummer (Darkside) and the main man (M.) of Mgła, with the addition of constant band member Destroyer on vocals. However, it is quite different than Mgła and a fresh breath in black metal artistry. Their second full-length Enemy of Man is a quite different and progressive gem, anything but readily accessible, catchy or uplifting. The war machine hits you. Pounds you. On and on. And it takes more than a few listens to explore the magnitude of awesomeness under heavy battery.