Kriegsmaschine - Apocalypticists Digi-CD


This band has come a long way in their career. After the well-received debut album Altered States of Divinity, the band took a 9 year break before releasing the second album Enemy of Man. In that period the band members’ other band Mgła had taken off and recorded two albums in that time, both of which have received pretty positive reception. Once Kriegsmaschine came back, it seemed clear that they wanted to differentiate the two bands, and Enemy of Man saw the band move into a more rhythm-centric style of black metal. Now, on their third album Apocalypticists, that style has been upped yet again and I reckon this band is going from strength to strength because of it.

Of course, comparisons to the sister band Mgła are inevitable. The two members here are also in that band, and play a similar style of dissonant black metal. There is a distinct difference between the two bands, though. Mgła’s style is a lot more hard-hitting with crazy blasting permeating the dissonant riffing. Here, the emphasis on groove is ratcheted up, mostly by way of the drumming. Instead of feeling like you’re getting hypnotised by repeated riffs, a trait that Mgła uses and makes them sound good, Kriegsmaschine opts for the intricacies of the music, the subtler side of this style of black metal. You don’t feel like you’re getting rigorously pounded. More like…rigorously massaged.