Kriegsmaschine - Altered States Of Divinity CD


I have no doubts that if Kriegsmaschine was Swedish or Norwegian, then "Altered State of Divinity" would have been praised and called cult by all those black metal maniacs around the world, who only focus on those two scenes. Unfortunately, I have an impression that the label that released the album, Todeskult Records, didn't promote it well enough and definitely this LP didn't reach the status is was destined to and which it deserved to get. Hmm, who would care about some Polish black metallers haha? But that’s a mistake! And yeah, stupidity also, but that's fact that the underground often supports terribly mediocre Scandinavian bands, underestimating those real jewels from other countries. Fuck that anyway. Those, who maniacs were smart enough I bet know Kriegsmaschine well by now and "Altered State of Divinity" is in their collection.