Körgull The Exterminator ‎– War Of The Voivodes 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Air raid sirens sound the alarm: the crazy gang from Spain is back. The "War of the Voivodes" has begun and nobody knows who will survive. Anyway, the Catalonian death machine will cause the greatest possible damage. The members of Körgull the Exterminator are cruel combatants in this mercilessly raging battle. While following their sadistic tendencies, they generate the most forceful sound. The mix scores with an extra dose of pressure and brutality. Although I have listened to approximately 3,500 metal albums during the last 35 years, I am really impressed by the incredible heaviness of this wrecking crew from the Iberian Peninsula. With regard to this monolithic wall of sound, it does not matter that the drums must be secondary to the guitars.