Konkhra - Weed Out the Weak LP (Black vinyl)


Konkhra: "Weed Out The Weak" gets re-issued on deluxe CD and Vinyl (for the first time)!

Said to be the best selling act on Diehard Records fron Denmark in the 90's, Konkhra definitely had a huge potential to become the next "big thing" to come out of the death metal underground after Sepultura and Entombed. Basically nothing short of being a supergroup, this now American-Danish quartet created quite a stir in the underground press with their previous album titled "Spit or Swallow" (up for re-issue later in 2018). 
At that time their sound could be defined as "death'n'roll" which was popular in Europe by the end of the 90's. However, with the addition of ex-Machine Head drummer Chris Kontos and an omnipresent James Murphy, Konkhra had definitely moved in a more modern metal direction best defined by the drummer's ex-band's first album. Though much heavier and without lame attempts at becoming a new metal sensation, "Weed Out The Weak" could have been the breakthrough the band deserved.

"Weed Out The Weak" was not going to be another typical Scandinavian death metal assault, that smashes you against the wall five seconds after you put the album on. 
Yet all the elements that we came to expect from the bands from this particular region are present: dynamic songwriting,  well-delivered and put together songs, catchy sound. 
Recorded in 2 different studios "Weed Out The Weak" did have a very consistent production job. 

Instruments are clearly separated without any loss of heaviness, and there are no weak points as far as musicianship goes. The songs are really memorable, with a lot of virtuoso guitar parts intertwined into sludgy material presented by the band. James Murphy has a definite talent to liven up the music and his feeling of melody is unsurpassed, and shown her many times. As far as the individual songs go, there are some tracks that you get to like automatically upon the first listen. Such is "Time Will Heal" with its thrash structure and pounding rhythm or "Through My Veins" that has won the title of the catchiest song on the album. Konkhra's frontman Anders Lundemark puts in a lot of deep emotion with vocals varied from growls to powerful spoken word that  accentuates the band's thoughtful lyrics which is especially evident on a song like "Melting". Chris Kontos delivers solid drumming, with a lot of energy that wasn't that evident on any of the Machine Head recordings with him, so who's loss was that anyway? Overall, "Weed Out The Weak" was a huge and definite step in the right direction for this American-Danish band. 

For fans of: Machine Head, Merauder, Pantera, Entombed