Kjeld - Skym digi-CD


Between the deepest and darkest depths of despair between Germany and the Netherlands lies a Frisian Black Metal storm; this feared group go by the name of KJELD and they unleash terror in the form of their latest abomination to hit their discography. Like I have mentioned in my previous reviews this is a huge compliment when it comes to talking about Black Metal.

One of the things I admire about Black Metal is its shadowy yet beautiful roots; until today I hadn’t heard of the Frisian language so I am keen to find out more. This added mystery only adds to the beauty of what seems like chaos and pandemonium.

A true Black Metal record can have the listener so deeply immersed and isolated from reality that you simply can’t think of do anything else but listen to this record. “Skym” certainly had this effect. From the word go I was absorbed immediately; sounding like it was recorded in a cave gave the tracks that desired echoed effect that sends shivers down your spine. The tracks that demonstrated this most were “Bonifatius”, “Ivich Libben” and “Gerlofs Donia”.

What I really admired about this album was that even though each track had your usual ingredients for the perfect Black Metal song i.e. aggressive vocals, sinister lyrics, sombre fast paced guitars and drums each track sounded different to each other. This is another reason why I deeply admire and love to learn about Black Metal; it is a sub-genre that shows that even in the darkest of places beauty can be found if you know where to look.

I am hoping you have gathered from this glowing review I highly enjoyed being deeply immersed into this record and I think it will stand well with fans of Black Metal. Especially when I caught a hint of Black Metal titans EMPEROR in the sound.