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When I first heard of the idea of Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed and Kirk Windstein of Crowbar working together on a side-project, I was caught up in the type. Both Hatebreed and Crowbar are big name bands, who both hold their own as leaders of their genre. A combination of these two styles could either clash and simply fall apart, make a mediocre compromise, or use the best elements from both and make a respectable album. I am going to have to say that this falls somewhere between the latter two.

Hatebreed aren't well regarded by most "true metalheads" for some reason I can't understand. Most metalcore does suck, it neither sounds like metal nor hardcore punk. Hatebreed however, mix the two in a style that I think holds true to both groups and should be at least respected by both. In this album Jamey Jasta contributes some of his signature overly dramatized shouted vocals (of which in recent years have been declining), groove laden hardcore riffs, and breakdowns into the mix.

Crowbar, as everyone knows, are one of the leaders of the New Orleans sludge metal scene. Kirk is definitely the better part of Kingdom of Sorrow. In most songs you'll find him delivering his sorrow vocals and slow sludgy riffs and essentially copying the tuning used in older Crowbar albums.

Throughout the album the two styles combine ok, however, sometimes they offer little variance and appear incompatible. This project does have some potential. If Kirk and Jamey figure out how to make a compromising style that sounds good while not having totally distinguishable Hatebreed and Crowbar moments alternating thoughout, they may have some decent sucess. The main issue that they are going to have to resolve is that metalcore is designed to be faster paced and angry, where as sludge metal is designed to be slow and sorrowful.

Overall this is something you may want to check out if you are a fan of one or both of these bands. Maybe you can find something in the sound that I didn't. I do however, hope they make another album. This is certainly an interesting idea, and I would like to see it live up to it's potential.