KING DIAMOND - Abigail LP (Black Vinyl)
King Diamond

KING DIAMOND - Abigail LP (Black Vinyl)

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Includes lyric insert, Metal Blade poly-lined inner-sleeve, and mp3 download card.

I've been struggling over this one for a while, over the indisputable masterpiece of King Diamond's (the band's) early career. In many ways, I think Abigail is to blame for some of the negative features that have dogged KD later on: you know, the sometimes overdone drama, the endless concepts, the occasional use of atmosphere at the expense of musicality. No, I'm not a fan of musicals, and most KD albums could be counted as "rock operas". So why is Abigail to blame? Not the undead baby of the story - even she can't be blamed for this - but the album, which in my view did everything a little too well to be replicated. This 1987 offering is just complex enough to need full attention, just catchy enough for every track to be memorable but still surprise, just gripping enough to make the story come to life, just cheesy enough to make it a lot of fun. Crucially, Abigail doesn't feel overworked, as the following couple of releases do, and doesn't feel oversimplified like some of the later ones.

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