Khemmis - Hunted LP (Black vinyl)


In the last few years, doom metal has experienced a renaissance of sorts. Bands have been coming out of the woodwork in rapid succession. Some have very distinguishable sounds and others sadly sound too much like your average Sabbath worshipers. Denver's Khemmis are ones that fall into the former category. Even though they are in a genre that can, even for someone who LOVES doom, be at times a tad repetitious, these guys have a massive melodic sound that is very much their own. They somehow are able to mix the best parts of groups in the new millennium with the melodic sensibilities of past metal giants.

The opening clarion call of Above the Water is most certainly NOT something one should listen to at sea. This song just crashes with waves of doom laden riffs that could topple your little dingy in the midst of a storm tossed night. You almost can imagine mighty Odysseus singing this aboard his own doomed craft. Maybe the boys got a little inspiration from our man Homer. It wouldn't be the first time metal heads collaborated with a ancient Grecian.

As good as the first track is, Candlelight is still my favorite track on this album. It's as if a Pallbearer song with guest vocals from Cthulu just happened to fall in Khemmis' lap. The hook is one that will undoubtedly be a favorite sing along part at shows and the guitar work is gigantic throughout the track. The boys really hit a home run with this seven minute smasher.