Khemmis - Desolation LP (Blue vinyl)


Desolation is a noteworthy installment for Khemmis. It seems to have executed its intentions to great avail. The production quality is fitting for Khemmis' model of doom metal, and having an existence on both 20 Buck Spin and Nuclear Blast Records, one would come to expect the highest standard of sound engineering. The clarity of the music featured on Desolation matched the vocals and instrumentation. Does it exceed the standards set by the previous albums being Absolution and Hunted?, I cannot honestly speak on that matter because I have never taken the time to thoroughly listen to those records, though I have heard they are substantially proficient releases. What can be said is, given the many praises Khemmis' past work has generated, Desolation should be able to assert itself amongst or even surpass the caliber of the prior offerings.