Ketzer – Satan's Boundaries Unchained - Digipak -CD


I really dislike using expletives in reviews; it's highly unprofessional and using it tends to imply a certain limitation in vocabulary. However, sometimes strong language IS the best way to describe music. Ketzer's Satan's Boundaries Unchained is one such example. This album was released in 2009 and went by largely unnoticed and unsung; a shame, because the material presented actually does merit a "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" this time.

This is Ketzer's first full-length album, consisting of 9 tracks, one of which is an intro, and clocking in at 41 minutes. The intro in question is a short two-minute affair, whose riffs nonetheless carry a certain "majesty" to them that makes it very memorable. The title track then erupts into a blistering onslaught of blackened thrash which downright pummels the listener into the ground. The drumming is murderously precise, the vocals somewhat reminiscent of Sodom's Agent Orange; however, the riffs are what truly make this album what it is: There has hardly been anything this close to what blackened thrash should sound like since Cold Steel... and A Call to Arms were released. With this comparison in mind, it should come as no surprise that Mersus of Destroyer 666 was behind the crystal clear production on this album.

Ketzer are 2009's unsung heroes. While this album may not have recieved all the attention it deserved (most likely due to other, more prominent bands' releases coming out at the same time), those few people who heard it are not likely to forget it anytime soon. One of the best, if not the best, releases of this genre to come out last year. Highly recommended.