Katharsis - WorldVVioutEnd LP (Black vinyl)


Track 5 title and lyrics are printed mirroredly reversed.

Performer credits are not specified, only their names are listed at the inner sleeve.

The LP was delivered without an additional cover for this fourth pressing.
Cardboard inner sleeve is printed with lyrics.

Like Funeral Mist's Salvation, this is an album that takes the traditions of Second Wave black metal to their furthest logical conclusions. Other bands may have taken black metal to more bizarre reaches, but only do so at the cost of blurring their definition as a black metal act. There's no such confusion on VVorldVVithoutEnd. Even if the album consistently feels somewhat frontloaded with regard to its most memorable moments, it is hard to fault Katharsis for a single step they took in making this album. The agonizing pain and gleeful hatred of VVorldVVithoutEnd has not worn out for a second. As I'm writing this, it's only a few days until the album is a full decade old. Are there so many albums that would truly sound as depraved and horrific, even as the rest of the world had ten years to catch up? This is one of the most striking, memorable and immersive albums I've heard in my life. It's a shame some may never recognize it for the masterpiece it is.