Katharsis - Kruzifixxion LP (Black vinyl)


Comes with a A3-size poster and A4-size lyrics booklet.

This opus gives me an erection every time I listen to it. Pure old-school black metal! Katharsis does not sound like any other band, they are a unique band. This album is very much influenced by early Darkthrone of course but there is no plagiarism here, not at all.

The vocalist is possessed by Satan and his shrill cries fit perfectly to the killer riffs. The drums are awesome, blast beat all the way with some original parts here and there. Just raw stuff the way it's got to be!

Now I think this is an absolute must for anyone seriously into black metal. What's most striking about this masterpiece is how the musicians manage to make the listener feel the power, the talent and the hate they possess. There's a metallic, satanic atmosphere that comes out of each song, you can't have enough of it!

And this is the first release by NOEVDIA so expect killer religious lyrics. What's more the artwork is outstanding. The best effort by Katharsis so far in my opinion.