Kathaaria - The Complex Void Of Negativity LP (White vinyl)


Perhaps its due to the exceptionally professional production values and the overall crystal clear sound, but Kathaaria sound extremely well adapt to play progressive song structures and upbeat styles of music, despite the black metal references and harmful lyrical themes. Take ‘To Dare Not Speak Its Name’, for example. The Shining style bass lines (this is modern day Shining, as on efforts like ‘Halmstad’) are altogether grooving beneath the surface, whilst the guitarist lays down a jovial lead that isn’t as distorted as I expected. Again, the sound is generally very clean. Every snap of the snare, or crash of the cymbal can be heard with vivid expressions. The instrumentation benefits highly from the professional sound that allows the material to cruise along seamlessly and without negative interruptions. The only outward signs of negativity, as in the usual black metal theme, not a deterrent to liking the piece, is the rasping vocals, but they’re not overwhelming in the slightest. ‘The Complex Void Of Negativity’ is a well formed mutation of black metal, one that disposes of the original themes and begins to structure a new platform with which the adoring fans can revel in the delights of.