KATATONIA - Night Is The New Day CD

KATATONIA - Night Is The New Day CD

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After the previous effort The Great Cold Distance and its plateau of new ideas, Katatonia come back with the most diverse yet solid album in their discography. In interviews, they made it out to be a mess of random ideas from various influences yet, like a Gorillaz album, somehow managed to be surprisingly cohesive and every track is essential to this brave experiemental passion project of an album.

The big, new presence here is the use of electronics which was was hinted at by the previous album session's "Unfurl" - possibly the greatest and most unique song they ever wrote. Track by track you get hit with one strong colour after, each with different intensities, and the flow is like a rollercoaster of sonic and emotional highs and lows. You get an acoustic ballad, heavy hitters ("Nephilim" being an homage to old Katatonia), plenty of expertly introduced and incorporated electronics, and even softer, atmospheric ballads that show how far these musicians can go. After enough listens, any one of these tracks can worm itself into your brain and be stuck on repeat all day. Everything is catchy - Jonas' lines, Anders' many creative pieces, and even Daniel's drums find their way in my head like in the extended passages of the heartbreaking "New Night". All the songs have plenty of time to breathe so you can hear them naturally start, work, then come to an end. Even the production is improved over the last album's sterile, digital sound, though it could still be a bit less cleaned up for my taste. That's the only real "issue" I have with this. The two bonus songs are good accompanying tracks, too.

Katatonia changes constantly which is a plus for proper fans of music, but I really feel like this was them coming ever so close to a fully unique and distinct identity for themselves.

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