Katatonia - Discouraged Ones 2-LP (Black vinyl - black cover)


Brave Murder Day is an anomaly in Katatonia's discography. While, in the past, they were well known for fusing black metal, death metal, doom metal, gothic rock and many other elements into their music, none of their discography (Discouraged Ones and the Saw You Drown EP, with the beautiful "Quiet World" that should've made the album, likely being the only exceptions to this rule) comes close to embodying all of these elements into one cohesive whole. This was often because Katatonia wrote riffs, but did not know how to make them lead anywhere, instead making a repetitive album that, for some, would make them lose interest fast. There is none of this here. In fact, this album is probably the strangest album that they ever did, at least in my opinion.