Katatonia - Dead End Kings 2-LP


It's rare when a band that has been around for 20+ years, like Katatonia has, can put out their 9th album and it be some of the best material they have ever done. I love some of the stuff Katatonia has done before, especially the legendary Brave Murder Day, but overall, I've found most of their albums to be somewhat mediocre. I could never really get into the pre-Akerfeldt heavy stuff (i.e. Dance of December Souls), partly because Jonas sucked at growling. After he realized this and the band mellowed out, they produced some catchy tracks in the mid-era ("Saw You Drown," "Teargas") However, I just never found their post-Akerfeldt stuff as interesting as Opeth, who were making stuff like Blackwater Park around that time. They kinda tried to be heavier again with Viva Emptiness, but instead it sounded almost nu-metal-ish to me, so I kind gave up on them after LFDGD. That was until I saw them play with Opeth a couple weeks ago and heard much of this album live. Judging by their latest efforts, I can say Katatonia has finally surpassed their compatriots. But enough with the Opeth comparisons...