Kataklysm ‎– Serenity In Fire LP (black)


The best track on here is it's title track, which combines all these elements in a very succinct and appealing way. The grooves hit like a ton of bricks (that verse riff!), the melodies are strong and catchy - yet tasteful and never detracting from the bigger picture, and the chorus is a real chest-pounding anthem. It's just a really well-executed song that knows exactly what it needs to do and exactly how to do it. That's really the operative phrase that best describes why I like this album so much - it all feels so effortless. While this obviously isn't the most technical or progressive album in the world...nor even in Kataklysm's discography, it's a wonderful slab of catchy, groove-laden brutality full of variety, with great vocals and songwriting...and for this kind of death metal, could you really ask for something better than that?