Kampfar - Profan CD


Instead of drawing us to a cold wasteland of black metal bleakness, Kampfar illustrate a different sense of ungodliness by plunging us soul-first into the fiery chasms of Hell. The production to replicate this imagery is where most black metal bands will stumble however Kampfar not only nail this imagery, but develop on it. The development in ‘Icons’ is found in the first few seconds of the song where it lulls you into fluttering folk metal confusion before a direct attack of unabashed black metal vehemence. In a way, the title summarises the bands upcoming legacy rather fittingly. ‘Skavank’ is a 7 minute burner of breathless supremacy. It’s very riff driven with authoritative chugs that will undoubtedly snap many necks thanks to guitarist, Ole, yet during a slower intersection of staccato harmonies form a heightened sense of pride and majesty that pinpoints the heart to build a foundation of menacing atmosphere that can only be compared to the likes of Primordial or Winterfylleth.