John Frum - A Stirring In The Noos LP (Black vinyl)


Yes, this is technically a supergroup. Derek Rydquist, the vocalist, was on the first two albums from The Faceless and briefly returned in 2015, while Liam Wilson is the longtime and soon-to-be-former bassist of The Dillinger Escape Plan. My initial guess was that this band got started shortly after Rydquist's second stint with The Faceless failed to work out, meaning we won't be getting a new album from them just yet. However upon research I discovered that technically (pun intended), John Frum has been around for six years and only now are we getting material out of them!

A Stirring in the Noos is progressive/technical death metal of excellent caliber. It's not exactly anything new, taking considerable hints from Nile and Gorguts, but still does the job quite well. The production is absolutely massive; the vocals are monstrous as befitting the Demon Carcass himself, the drums pummel even the sturdiest of death metal fans, and the guitar tone is quite possibly the heaviest I've heard all year. The music can still remain rather sinister and varied, with some incredibly creative riffs, though the first side is definitely the strongest. While some will call this psychedelic death metal, and I can definitely see why, it's still not creating a new genre or anything like that. But songs like "Memory Palace" and 'Assumption of Form", with their extended lengths and instrumental passages, make for great progression and a move away from typical death metal. In fact, this album is superior to anything Rydquist did with The Faceless