Jag Panzer - Ample Destruction LP (Black vinyl)


When I think of the term heavy metal, "Ample Destruction" is what comes to mind. It completely exemplifies the genre in so many ways, and yet it is in now way generic or trite. The muscular riffs, the belted vocals, and uber-macho atmosphere, it all comes together to produce one of the finest slabs of heavy metal I've ever heard.

Musically, Jag Panzer takes a straightforward, NWOBHM-influenced approach, with thick, chugging riffs and fleet-fingered guitar harmonies, while Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin shows off his powerful vocals, reminiscent of Bruce Dickinson with a touch of Messiah Marcolin. Conklin effortlessly switches between a deep tenor bellow and high pitched Halfordesque screams. The drumwork is admirable, full of meaty fills and fast double bass work. The bass doesn't differ too much from the guitar, but is pleasantly audible and provides a solid backbone. The subject matter ranges from your typical fucking-and-fighting songs, to songs about metal itself, to metal re-tellings of the plot of Nosferatu.