ISOLE - Born From Shadows Slipcased CD
ISOLE - Born From Shadows Slipcased CD

ISOLE - Born From Shadows Slipcased CD

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Classic Isole album finally available again on CD! Deep sorrowful Doom Metal! New album coming in March 2023.

We guess by 2023 Isole hardly needs to do anything in order to be considered the third Doom Metal behemoth on Swedish soil after Candlemass and Count Raven. With only masterful Doom Metal opuses in their discography the guys should have been content with the impact they had on the scene enjoying their status as one of the premier Doom Metal providers in the new millennium.

There was hardly any need in changing the formula for “Born from Shadows”. The moment the sorrowful riffs of “The Lake” hit, the fans will instantly know that the guys haven’t misled them, and that this opus is high-octane epic Doom all the way. Faster-paced guitars emerge at some point their dynamic leaps assisted by surprising Death Metal growls before more lyrical deviations sink everything in grief and mourning.

For vintage, seismic retro Doom Metal one shouldn’t look any further than this opus. Doom Metal seems very safe in the hands of these Swedish brethren.

• Fifth album by Isole, originally released in 2011

• Recorded at Studio Apocalypse

• Artwork by Gustavo Sazes (Arch Enemy, Firewind)

• Comes with a bonustrack, previously only available on vinyl

For fans of: Candlemass, Ereb Altor, While Heaven Wept, Solstice, Solitude Aeturnus, My Dying Bride

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