INTRUDER - Psycho Savant CD

INTRUDER - Psycho Savant CD

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Intruder is an under-appreciated thrash act that despite being signed to Metal Blade Records probably escaped the attention of many thrashers because they were located in Nashville, TN instead of the Bay Area. They were obviously heavily influenced by Anthrax.

“Psycho Savant” is full of well-written songs with great riffs, effective transitions, and commanding solos that are important parts of the song. Bonus points awarded for lyrics about that classic Twilight Zone episode “It’s a Good Life”, probably my favorite episode (and its sequel) of the series that I’ve seen. This album has some technical playing at times, somewhere in the spectrum between the technicality of Anthrax and Toxik. The best songs to me are “Geri’s Lament (When)” and “It’s a Good Life” but really there aren’t any bad songs on this album. There’s also a really nice clean guitar intro to “Invisible” that is well above the types of melodies most thrash bands ever came up with.