Integrity ‎- Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume 2-LP (Silver vinyl)


Integrity is important, but that statement alone is negligible given the band’s near 30 years as both progenitors and continuous pioneers of metallic and Holy Terror-inspired hardcore. Dwid Hellion, the original line-up’s sole remaining member and eternal mouthpiece, has long turned Integrity into a vehicle for his apocalyptic visions and esoteric rituals. From the straightforward hardcore of their late 80’s through mid-90’s incarnation, to the divisive, unique Integrity 2000 and Rob Orr eras, Integrity has morphed from band to entity, an elemental force that is felt throughout hardcore and its splintering genres like veins to arteries. So yeah, Integrity is important. Until now, Hellion and his rotating collaborators had yet to produce an album that equaled 2003’s To Die For; a slick, breathless and zero-fluff throwback to the name’s heyday. The Blackest Curse and Suicide Black Snake were bleak and mysterious, true-to-form material, though they lacked the visceral, scorching punch of Integrity’s earlier works. Now, in the darkest of modern times, we have what could be Integrity’s best work since To Die For, or perhaps even since the legendary Humanity is the Devil.

Limited 800 on 2LP Silver Vinyl