INQUISITION - Incense Of Rest CD

INQUISITION - Incense Of Rest CD

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Limited to 500 copies
Mastered for the first time by Dagon during August 2022

This is the first pure black metal release for Inquisition, both musically and vocally, as the preceding EP and demo were more thrash oriented. The thrashy vocals have changed into high-pitched black metal screams (with the exception of some growls on “Whispering in Tears of Blood” and some clean chanting vocals on “Incense of Rest”). The vocals are not yet of the monotonous type the band has become known for on latter releases though, just usual (but good) black metal vocals. The metal tracks on this release have quite a start/stop structure, they alternate between hysterical blasting parts that sometimes seem to come out of nowhere and slow parts with heavy riffing.

The “Incense of Rest” EP also makes use of keyboards, something the band seems to have skipped on the full-lenghts that have been released until now. The intro and the beginning of “Vision of the Pagan Lord” are where the keyboards are used most notably, otherwise they aren’t used much. They just make the odd appearance, adding a bit of atmosphere to some parts of the tracks.

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