Infinitum Obscure - Ascension Through The Luminous Black LP (Black vinyl)


After listening to Shub Niggurath, The Chasm, Cenotaph, and most recently, Serpens Aeon, I was convinced that Mexico couldn't possible come out with something as kick ass as those bands. I was way wrong, as Infinitum Obscure came along, bringing true metal of death in a dark format. 

Once again, it has the trademark "Mexican" sound, in strange chords and really gritty guitar distortion, that was pioneered so well on The Chasm's masterpiece, "Deathcult for Eternity." Roberto goes for wild vocals, bringing his midrange roar into an hysteric scream, adding a good degree of discomfort into the mix. 

The focal point of this album is the guitar work. Roberto manages to churn out very dark riffs, some even getting a bit disturbing. It's as if you are standing on the shore of some great body of water, and you see black horizons rushing towards you, bringing a viscious storm of riffs upon you, and from which there is no escape.