IN THE WOODS... - Omnio Digipack CD
In The Woods...

IN THE WOODS... - Omnio Digipack CD

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The second In the Woods... album transcends progressive extreme metal. The band's journey to the summit was long and arduous. Three key members started in a fledgling death metal band called Green Carnation who released a demo ("Hallucinations of Despair") back in 1991. In the Woods... began where Green Carnation ended, adding some mid-era Bathory influences and morphing into a black metal band over a couple of demos. The band’s debut album, “HEart of the Ages”, followed in 1995 and blended the harsh black metal sound with softer prog-rock influences and crooning vocals. “Omnio” came along in 1997.

This album sees the band moving into uncharted waters. They freed themselves from the confines of any metal subgenre. The black metal guitar tone has gone. The sound is warm and clear, without much distortion. Anders Kobro is reborn as a drummer, abandoning the Quorthon-esque marching beats and developing the more technical style from the Green Carnation demo. Vocalist Jan Kenneth Transeth croons without inhibition, avoiding shrieks or rasps. It is almost like hearing a metal equivalent of Morrissey or Robert Smith. These vocals might be an acquired taste for black/death metal fans but they fit like hand in glove, and convey more power and passion than harsh vocals ever could.

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