IN THE WOODS... - HEart Of The Ages Digipack CD
In The Woods...

IN THE WOODS... - HEart Of The Ages Digipack CD

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Heart of the Ages is a contemplative and immersive experience by virtue of its brilliantly spacious sound and grandiose progressions. It takes you off to a new world that is worth exploring several times over in a very ethereal and serene, yet beautifully melancholic sounsdscape that is extremely easy to lose yourself in. Diverse instruments such as pianos, synthesizers, jaw harps, and clean guitars are all included and handled with reserve that makes every moment on here feel special and enchanting as if it was meant to be distinct. It’s an immersive experience meant for wandering into the mist and being captivated by what you find there. If one of black metal’s strangest and most distinct qualities is the ability to create another world and then take you to it, Heart of the Ages does so with such immersive detail to their songs and such rich sonic textures, you swear you’d never want to leave this world in all its dark beauty. While every song is a masterpiece on here, Heart of the Ages works best as one massive epic to show off all it has to give, and it has quite the experience to give.

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