IMPALER - Charnel; Deity CD

IMPALER - Charnel; Deity CD

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Impaler are a little-known UK death metal act whose debut (and only) LP Charnel Deity was released (in it's original version) in 1991 - arguably the single greatest year in the history of death metal. Anything released that year that can be regarded as some kind of "death metal" pretty much immediately peaks the interest of a OSDM freak like yours truly, so I just had to hunt down a copy of this fairly rare British death metal relic. Thankfully, this is a case where judging a book by it's cover (or release date, or other superficial factor) has does some good, because Charnel Deity is quite the good album indeed. While no wheels were reinvented in the making of this album, it's a quality slab of classic death metal and you'd have to be a total goober to ask for more.

In the end, you can't go wrong to at least check this out if you're interested in lesser-known death metal acts of the Floridian persuasion - but of course, not from Florida. Just don't go into this expecting a "forgotten classic" as many seem to do with these kinds of albums. This is just another solid slab of good ol' quality, classic-style death metal, like momma used to make, that got lost in the shuffle over the years...if you wouldn't mind having that sound rot in your earholes, don't hesitate to hunt a copy down (if you can find one).

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