Immolation - Majesty And Decay LP (Clear/Black Splatter vinyl)


Outside of an ambient intro and interlude, neither of which add altogether much except to give one a quick breath before and between the shock and awe, this record is basically flawless. If I've singled out three songs at the expense of the others, it is not to slight those songs. They are incredible: dynamic, heavy, dark, and beautiful -- just difficult to write about without getting into further paragraphs of dissection and praise. Rest assured, Bob Vigna's riffs and solos are incredible throughout, just as Ross Dolan gives his strongest vocal effort ever. And the drums are fantastic! Steve Shalaty really raised his game here. Hell, the whole band did. Just when I was ready to write Immolation off, they delivered another masterpiece. If Close To A World Belowwas their enthronement as death metal gods, Majesty And Decay is Immolation's return from usurpation -- death metal's best and most consistent band once again reigns supreme.