IMMOLATION - Here In After LP (Black Vinyl)

IMMOLATION - Here In After LP (Black Vinyl)

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Black vinyl reissue
Released with 400g heavy cardboard spine sleeve (inside out print), 60x60cm two-sided artwork poster and 250g insert.
Insert contains lyrics and liner notes.
Specially mastered for vinyl.

Immolation had to wait a long time, 5 years for the release of the successor to the cult "Dawn Of Possession". For those times, it was a colossal break and a huge risk from the perspective of the fact that after 1993 death metal clearly went out of circulation (at the expense of black metal) for a few years. The Americans from Immolation, however, did not worry about it and decided to go on further, hitting in 1996 with an album even better than "Dawn..." and definitely more innovative. This "Here In After" quickly turned out to be a big breakthrough in the discography of Ross Dolan and the company, and in the following years, this position became extremely influential on the masses of younger death metal (and not only) bands established in the 21st century.

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