Illogicist - The Unconsciousness Of Living -CD


When I first heard this album, I knew that I had to have it. Everything about it is amazing, the guitar work left me gawking at the CD, the drums are complimentary to every single riff, the bass is so extremely audible, and the vocals sound like Chuck Schuldiner did them. Even the album artwork is great. There isn't a single negative thing about this album I could write.

The guitar tone sounds very similar to the tone that Chuck Schuldiner had when Chuck used a Marshall 8100 Valvestate (Death's "Individual Thought Patterns" to "Sound of Perseverance" era.) Which makes me wonder sometimes if that's the same amplifier that Illogicist used on this album.

Now, the guitar work, and other instruments, are literally the perfect child of Atheist and Death.When you ask people about this album and they tell you that, it's true beyond belief. The guitar work is what I love most about this album, with all the harmonies, leads, and unique riffing. There are time signatures used that give the music a feel so odd you can't help but realize how different this album is from all other death metal albums.

The vocals are very reminiscent of Chuck Schuldiner's in his later days. Most of the vocals on the album are double tracked for ultimate brutality, even though they're higher pitched. They're also a little bit lower in the mix, but it works, and sounds amazing. There's a delay effect they use on the vocals at certain times that's hard to notice. But overall the vocals are awesome. I wouldn't change a thing about them even if I could.

This album overall will make you bob your head. I can guarantee it. It's probably one of the best albums I've ever bought. It's not leaving the CD player in my car for a very, very long time.