Ildjarn ‎- 1992-1995 Digibook-CD


Great digibook !

This compilation covers a 3-year period in Ildjarn's musical development. All the songs you hear are very short, usually about 2 - 3 minutes, with only one song "Krigere" at the end coming near the 5-minute mark. In structure, the songs are very basic, almost ultra-primitive, with the rhythm section banging away without much variation at a steady clip. An early track on this set, "Kronet", is fairly typical: what you hear at the beginning is more or less what you hear close to the end though at some point in the song the bass drops out temporarily (in other songs, it'll be the drum machine that drops out for a while); and the song also shows Ildjarn's vocals at their most usual: extremely distorted and harsh like an especially embittered being who has so much bile and hostility against humanity that you can hear it searing through him as he sings. Then you get tracks like "Himmelen Svartner" on which Ildjarn's vocals are very whispery though the hatred is still there.