ICED EARTH - The Glorious Burden 2-LP (Orange/Blue Splatter Vinyl)
Iced Earth

ICED EARTH - The Glorious Burden 2-LP (Orange/Blue Splatter Vinyl)

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Includes 4 page booklet

Jon Schaffer has lost his third singer. But this time, he didn't kick him out himself, but instead, Barlow has decided to leave the band. It's totally understandable that people might have a problem with losing their favorite singer of a band, especially when he is replaced by the caricature of one of the biggest idols in metal: Tim Owens. The best thing Tim can do: High screams. Seriously, since I follow Tim Owens' career, this is kinda the only thing he's famous for - high notes. Personally, there is no other reason to listen to anything Tim has ever put out. The albums with Priest were not bad, but not for Tim's performances and on the live albums of Priest he sounded like a younger clone of Halford. It was the dumbest decision to replace him with Rob Halford again in 2005, but that's not the matter now. There is quite a simple formula: the moment Tim is in a band, the band needs to do extra effort to keep the whole thing together. In Iced Earth's case, Jon Schaffer wanted to go the safe path and just copy and pasted some stuff from Something Wicked... and Demons & Wizard's first album.