ICED EARTH - The Dark Saga LP (Black Vinyl)
Iced Earth

ICED EARTH - The Dark Saga LP (Black Vinyl)

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Released on standard black vinyl, in a glossy gatefold cover.

The Dark Saga is an excellent addition to any hardcore Iced Earth fan's catalogue, containing some of Iced Earth's greatest songs. Unfortunately it also contains some of their weakest filler, but in the end it really doesn't stick out as much as a liability when it's surrounded by such classics. There are essential Iced Earth songs on here as well as Iced Earth's greatest song ever; and I might add the greatest vocal performance of all time. Yes, take your Freddie Mercury's, your Jimmy Page's, your Bruce Dickinson's and Dio's and shove it (although not really, I do dearly love all the aforementioned), but Matt Barlow really does his greatest and gives it his all on A Question of Heaven. I sincerely think without this track, the album wouldn't be as great, this is a titan of a song. It sets the mood, ends the album perfectly and is exactly how a mournful ballad should be done. Backed with brilliant vocal melodies, Matt Barlow does gives his 110%, having unbelievable range as well as proving to be the greatest out there.