ICED EARTH - Burnt Offerings 2-LP (Black In Red Vinyl)
Iced Earth

ICED EARTH - Burnt Offerings 2-LP (Black In Red Vinyl)

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2024 reissue on black in transparent red vinyl.

Burnt Offerings is one of the heavyweight, classic albums of power metal for many reasons. It exudes a dark and aggressive sound that many bands had not bothered with before, and does so in a way that exceeds expectations when it comes to creating massive songs. Every member gives it their all, and Matt Barlow especially gives Burnt Offerings a mighty and explosive voice with a range that makes him ideal for all moods the music tries to set, from rage, to might, to sadness, and terror, Barlow does them all with gusto. The heavily involved composition with intros, builds, and interludes allows for songs with many interesting parts, and an operatic feeling for the music to match the vocals. Even with all of that complexity, everything is easily memorable and worthy of many re-visits. Everything falls into place with skill and the ambitious nature of Burnt Offerings does everything it can to make the music sound as big and as strong as possible. This is Iced Earth at their most ambitious, dark, and fierce, with some of their most iconic songs on display and the most effort put into generating exhilarating music. It is their masterpiece. Listen to it.