Iced Earth - Alive In Athens 20th Anniversary Edition 5-LP Box (Yellow/Red vinyl)


20th Anniversary Edition.
180g vinyl (1 to 3: yellow sun, 4 and 5: red
12-page booklet and the missing track Colors
60x60 Poster.

The line-up here will always be considered Iced Earth’s best because of this performance. This is arguably the greatest live album ever conceived. Matt Barlow has one of the best vocals in metal. His performance on this album should be considered legendary. Jon Schaffer plays of his parts perfectly. Brent Smedly’s drum paying is quite phenomenal. He does a great job filling in for all the past drummers in the band; it feels like he’s been at the helm the entire time in Iced Earth’s history. James MacDonough is a great bass player; it’s no wonder he survived through the line-up changes, he can play. Larry Tarnowski does his part well here hitting all the solos better than the originals. The stars have aligned here.

What makes this album so great ? Well, the set list is amazing. All three discs contain the best songs out of the Iced Earth discography. It’s like Schaffer knows what songs are fan favorites. The most important song however, is “Dante’s Inferno.” A sixteen-minute long epic that is performed better than the original. I don’t care who you are; it’s difficult to play a sixteen minute long song that fast and heavy. It’s remarkable. Fans were dying to hear it live, considering they rarely play it. It’s titled a gem for good reason. All the epics are here. The Something Wicked trilogy, “A Question of Heaven,” “When the Night Falls,” and “Travel in Stygian.” Luckily, not only do the epics rule here. Everything else is exceptional.

The crowd does its part. They’re just right. Not too loud, not too quiet. Many bands have the crowd so loud it can overpower the music, and others make it to where it doesn’t even sound live, to where the crowd is almost non-existent. They get it just right here.

This is the greatest live album ever made in my opinion. If you like Iced Earth, get it. It’s a necessity. Hardcore fans all ready own it. If you never listened to Iced Earth, this is the best place to start. It has the best song from their first five releases. This is a must own.