Hyperdontia ‎- Nexus Of Teeth LP (Clear vinyl)


From the onset we get the music full blast showing-off all the essentials of old school death metal with lots of modular guitar licks and drum work; death/doom introduced conspicuously and surprisingly. No 2-3 minute intros or interludes anywhere on the record just relentless bashing from start to finish. Hyperdontia refuse to squander time by bringing intros into the mix as ever so often bands tend to do, which isn’t a bad thing if it is attached to the music or concept of the record, but it becomes overbearing at times, and doesn’t help when the music to follow isn’t even good. Hyperdontia gives old school death metal fanatics a modern mutation of Onward To Golgotha played faster and smeared with the lewdness of Abhorrence Veil. These riffs I cannot get enough of, every new segment is a new fret-board razzle-dazzle or a pristine breakdown that makes you want to rewind the entire album. If I had not resisted the temptation of repeating Teeth and Nails I probably would not have completed listening to the record, hence rendering me unable to write a review of Nexus of Teeth. “Aura of Flies” is such a sick title and the musicianship on it is stunning; the vocals attempt to swallow the listener, the snare drum during the blast beats is crazed and the guitar licks do not fail to fasten themselves to the flow of the bass and drums.