Howl ‎– Bloodlines -CD


Overall, “Bloodlines” has proven to be a nice follow-up release to the stellar debut “Full of Hell,” even though it is slightly inferior to it, due to the decline in terms of the sound production and the overall intrigue and innovation. However, this doesn’t stop the release from being a pleasurable listen. The fusion between the sludge, doom, and stoner genres is written and played out very well, in both the destructive and melodic realms. In terms of the destructive side, the sludgy riffs, potent vocals, and the solid drumming all mesh together and make way for treading over the well-built structures of the tracks very decently. On the other hand, the melodies are also performed greatly, providing dynamicity while remaining loyal to the dark, harsh tones that the album overall has to give. With all things considered, “Full of Hell” is still the group’s best release, but even so, that is no reason to not give “Bloodlines” a shot. Fans of the older releases may be a tad disappointed by how much the band’s sound changed, simply due to the sound production, but even so, they may find something to enjoy here. Along with that, followers of unkind and muddy metal are recommended to this very solid record. Top it all off with some gruesomely breathtaking artwork, and you have yourself a fine piece of metal.