Hoorendous - Idol LP (Black vinyl)


It's hard to rate bands like this on a numerical scale, since everything Horrendous has done since their seminal second album Ecdysis has been really great and they show no signs of slowing down on their fourth album Idol. This band has kept tightening up their sound every successive album, with this one being their most intricate and advanced yet.

It's a positively alchemical set of songs, each of them fluid and complex and seeming to take on lives of their own. Far from simply playing rigid technical structures like the death metal bands of a decade or so ago who really wanted to be late-era Death, Horrendous has a unique and definite character, weaving jagged, garroting rhythms with arcane melodies and leads that just soar. The songs will shift seamlessly from a chugging, flailing passage to something soulful and evocative, and new things catch the ears each listen. It sounds like the band has simply nailed down their formula and were having fun taking it further and further here, which is a great thing to behold.