Holycide ‎- Fist To Face CD


I always knew I was going to get to dig deep into this one. I can't ignore a retro-thrash album with a pointy logo and a Repka-esque album cover which depicts some inhuman beast slamming Donald Trump square in the face. Hell, they had me at the title: Fist To Face. Gotta love that. Holycide are a quintet of thrash metal revivalists who seem to be a bit late to the party but will carry on thrashing regardless. I greatly respect their straight-for-the-throat attitude and willingness to capture everything that made the thrash revival so fun. This is beer-soaked, almost-political, humour-tinged thrash metal which verges on the extreme side - making it ideal for fans of Dark Angel, Carnivore or early Sepultura. Fist To Face is the Spaniards' sophomore effort, and it improves every aspect of their full-length debut (2017's Annihilate...Then Ask!) resulting in an all-round more listenable and replayable venture.