High On Fire ‎– Live From The Relapse Contamination Festival -CD


This is pure , raw, unadulterated power packed onto a lil disc. Picture Black Sabbath on Speed having an acid trip from hell and it might be a good start. The sound quality is good and the musicianship is excellent. These guys can play and they play hard and loud. Distorted downtuned buzzing guitar, thundering bass and pounding drums take the listener away on a trip worth taking as the raw vocals paint pictures in your head of bygone days. This is definitely not the kind of Stoner/Doom I grew up with. This is faster, harder, rawer and I will be damned if I have not become a huge fan.

The sounds are familiar yet raw and fresh at the same time. These 3 men love the music they play and it shows. From start to finish this disc is pure energy.
From the opening track(Blood from Zion) the music grabs you, shakes you around and does not let go. This is raw power unleashed upon the stage, driving drums, pounding bass and the searing guitar work and raw vocals of Matt Pike combine to take you on a short journey to Stoner/Doom bliss.

The second track, To cross the bridge, is new at the time of this recording and has a couple minor mistakes but shreds nonetheless. Even with a couple live mistakes which are bound to happen this is a great song, powerful, driving. This is music to shake your head to.

Nemesis follows and is one of my favorite tracks on here, power from beginning to end with blistering guitar work from the aforementioned Mr. Pike who in my humble opinion is an underrated guitar god who rightfully deserves his place up there with the likes of Tony Iommi.

Razorhoof is up next and features some great drumming from Des Kensel. Mr. Kensel knows how to keep time well and carry a beat which is basically his position, a position he fills quite well.

Speedwolf, another favorite, is next. A simple , driving, song that has some good bass playing from George Rice, the bassist at the time of this recording. Mr. Rice lays down some damn fine basslines and carries his half of the rhythm section quite well.

Then comes the power track Eyes & Teeth, fuzz guitar, pounding bass and drums, and one of the better solos from Mr. Pike. Here he shines with guitar proficiency and shows his years with Sleep were not wasted.

Hung, Drawn & Quartered opens with a lil drum solo from Mr. Kensel. No blastbeats or hitting everything at once but a simple solo to open the track. And a good solo it is. Simple yet powerful in it's simplicity it sets the song up beautifully.

The disc ends with the band covering Venom's Witching Hour. In my opinion this track is up there with the original if not better.Pike sounding even rawer than Cronos and the band sounding more evil. This is the way the song was meant to be played.