High On Fire ‎– Blessed Black Wings -CD


This release is highly recommended for you stoner enthusiasts out there. A serious step in the right direction for this band. Everything thats good about Surrounded by Thieves is present here, and a lot more as well. This album plays a lot faster than their previous material, in fact sometimes you wont be able to tell its HoF at all... you might think its Slayer. The thrash factor is off the charts on this release, and thats definitely a good thing. The thunder drumming is spot on and Pike's guitar playing shreds the eardrums. This is a sonic assault if I've ever heard one. For fans of Sabbath-inspired sludge, look no further than High on Fire for the saviors of the genre. As a fan of Pike's earlier band, Sleep, I was hoping to hear something similar on this release... but what i got was completely different, and thats the best news yet. HoF is just getting started I think... There should be many more quality releases coming after this. Mastodon might be the big name when it comes to this style, but for my money no one does it better than HoF. And if you think I'm kidding, just listen to the instrumental track at the end of the album... mind blowing!